MOCKUPS 101: The basics + step by step editing

I get asked a lot - what exactly is a mockup and I'm supposed to do what with it?!!?

Using quality mockups on your site, blog or social adds that perfect touch of finesse and sophistication to your designs and helps people understand exactly just how something will look in real life once its displayed or printed.

Mockups really give you the chance to display your work beautifully - and make your brand stand out!

If you've purchased one of my mockups, I'll show you exactly just how to use it below.



A mockup could be almost anything - but as you'll notice, most of mine are professionally styled scenes with particular themes - including elements like a desk, a computer, a greeting card, etc. The files are PSD format, so you'll need Photoshop to edit.

It's editable so you can place your original artwork into the file.

The file contains a smart object, which is basically a fancy editable layer that easily lets you insert your own photo, artwork, or text. 



Once you've browsed our mockups and purchased your fave, follow along below for the step by step guide to editing the mockup.



Download & open the file in Photoshop. You'll see two layers: a background layer and the smart object, which will say "DOUBLE CLICK TO ADD YOUR ARTWORK"

*if you don't have the Layers palette open on your workspace, in the menu bar click Window > Layers





Double click the smart object layer. Make sure you click on the small thumbnail, not the text (that will simply rename the layer - which isn't what you want to do!)

The smart object will open in a new tab in your workspace. You will see the sample artwork, but feel free to delete it. This is where you should add text, drag in your artwork, or start designing.





When you are happy with what you've got going on, save the smart object. File > Save (or Ctrl+S on Windows or Command+S on Mac). Saving will apply the changes to the original image!





Close the smart object and go back to the original mockup psd file to see what you've done:





Save your work girl, you are done! Note that the original file size is very large to ensure the highest quality. Be sure to resize down (Image > Image Size) so that it's not too big to use online! 


As always, if you have any questions we're more than happy to help. Just shoot us a message to